Groovin' & Shakin'

I love to be inspired when I work. What better way to do so than music?   

When meeting with clients, one question I ask is what music they're into. I create a playlist around what they've been listening to and play said list while working on their account. Below is one of the playlists I am currently listening to while doing strategic brainstorming and making numbers dance. 

This is a very special playlist for me. Myself and a couple of others put it together for a dear friend’s (and client) celebration of life. He recently passed away from cancer…way too young. He LOVED music! It provides inspiration in many, many forms.

Client & Friend Playlists

Sharing music is a passion of mine. 

In addition to being inspired by what clients and friends are currently listening to, I am always interested in hearing their playlists. I will post their playlists here so you can take a listen too!

Email your playlists to

The below playlist is brought to you by Keith Misael Tovar. I met Keith through his great work with a truly amazing not-for-profit client, Lemontree Foods. You can check them out at