Business Advisory

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you need a CPA that understands your wants and needs. With 16 years of experience advising entrepreneurs on starting, building and expanding businesses, my goal is to develop a plan with you. These plans consider your full financial picture, personal and corporate, and use all the available rules and resources to maximize your bottom line. Strategic planning should not just be limited to maximizing tax benefit but should also ensure you are building proper financial statements so that we can best dissect all aspects of your business and analyze where costs can be minimized and revenue and profit increased.  

As we develop a plan together, I become an ongoing guide as you implement and execute the plan. The plan itself, while a backbone for the financial strategy, is not static. It is a living, breathing document that we review and tweak as your business develops so that you can meet and exceed your goals. As your guide, I aim to transfer knowledge to you so that you are able to make well informed decisions about the future of your business!


Business Management and Family Office Services

Ditsky Strategic has 16 years of experience providing business management and family office services to high net worth individuals. Originally geared towards entertainment and athletic professionals, Adam Ditsky expanded this wholistic suite of financial services to entrepreneurs, C-level executives, physicians, attorneys and even someone who was lucky enough to have won the lottery. He found that many of his existing clients had needs that exceeded the basic accountant-client relationship but did not have the assets to meet the $25M or $50M minimum requirement of most multi-family offices.

Business management and family office services range from tax optimized bookkeeping and bill paying services to contract negotiations, investment prospectus review, pension and retirement planning guidance and tax return preparation. Essentially, Ditsky Strategic becomes your financial point person (or quarterback, if you will). The goal is to simplify our client’s life allowing them to focus on their family, their business and their passions while providing and implementing strategies that minimize tax liability and maximize take home cash flow.

These services are highly customized allowing for a program tailored to meet each client’s needs in a highly secure, controlled environment. Our software and cloud-based storage systems are maintained with bank-level security and require multi-factor and fingerprint verification with every log-in.

Over the years, Adam Ditsky has provided business management and family office services for Tony, Grammy and Academy Award winning entertainers, NFL rushing leaders, professional athletes turned broadcasters and coaches, Fortune 500 executives, start-up entrepreneurs and groundbreaking surgeons.


Tax Strategy
& Preparation

“I can’t wait to do my taxes!” is not a phrase most will ever utter. However, when strategies are properly crafted to maximize savings and minimize taxable income, tax planning meetings are both a measure of plan execution and a road map for the months and years ahead. I get it…you’re still not jazzed about the process. I promise that not only can Ditsky Strategic make it painless but also impart some joy. Yes, I just used ‘joy’ and ‘taxes’ in the same sentence.

For personal tax strategy and preparation, the initial consultation involves an overview of your entire financial life. You will do a lot of talking and I will do a lot of listening. I am most effective when I know your story and your goals. Armed with this information, I will develop a plan that is customized and user-friendly, aimed at achieving these goals. I will share my extensive knowledge with you so you understand how and why we do everything that we do.

I have a career’s worth of experience planning for individuals with LLCs and S-corporations. Whether you are about to start a new business, are a w2 wage earner or have complex k1 flow-through income,  I can coach you and establish a plan to help you achieve and succeed your goals.


Employee Payroll

Ditsky Strategic offers full service payroll functions for your business. I manage and execute payrolls ranging from simple, 1 employee payrolls through complex, 150 employee union payrolls. Customized payroll solutions ensure that I do the hard stuff and you just keep track of a few basic details. I have comprehensive experience preparing quarterly and annual payroll returns for businesses in all 50 states.


Accounting Solutions

Ditsky Strategic provides customized accounting services and solutions ranging from basic bookkeeping  to organizing sophisticated and highly transactional environments. These services are key to enhancing efficiency and profitability. Proper accounting allows the production of accurate and useful financials enabling forward-looking decisions based on historical fact.